New Perfume

New perfume from FLORIS 
Last December I tasted this perfume and then 
I was fall in love with this!! haha

Not so cool as CLEAN, not so sweet as Marry me!,
it smells so fresh but pretty

I'm sure I will put on this perfume almost everyday this summer:)


my latest purchases

Here are things I bought for summer these days.
Actually I bought more, but this time, just these stuffs.
Haha I'm really excited for summer!!:D

Eyewear : Oliver Peoples

Hoodie with buttons : Abercrombie&Fitch

Shirt and Tank : Abercrombie&Fitch

Skirt : ZARA

My favorite of today is skirt from ZARA!
With the heart motif and pleated
For a long time, I was looking for pleated short skirt so I'm so happy to find this :)
I'm thinking about wearing this with the white T-shirt from theyskens' theory and black bootie from Topshop
Can't wait to wear this XD 



Cherry Blossom blooming!!

Every spring, when I see cherry blossoms, I feel so happy and thank to live in Japan!!
This year, it takes just about 5 days to be in full bloom.
I took these pics near my univ. There are a lot of tree of cherry blossom and their blanches are so close to feel a faint sweet smell....
They are so beautiful and sweet....aren't they?




Here are my favorites perfumes : CLEAN Ultimate, Shower fresh, Warm cotton, LANVIN Marry me!, BVLGARI  Omnia amethyst, Dior Diorissimo.
Usually when I go to school or just stay home or hang out with friends, I prefer CLEANs especially Shower Fresh. The balance of sweetness and freshness is perfect for me !!
LANVIN is also fresh but its more sweet and juicy so when it becomes warmer I'll use it :D
BVLGARI and Dior are so classic taste I think. So I use them formal or....cloudy day XD
I don't know why I want to use that the cloudy day but....yeah lol
Now I'm trying find out best place to wear them but still I can't find that :(
Anyway I love perfumes !! ♥♥♥